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How to obtain 360-degree vision in B2B sales

Jun 29, 2020 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Increasing the time from quote to cash in B2B sales has never been more pressing. As we continue to adapt to a new reality leaving many with more questions than answers, B2B buyers are eagerly looking for reliable, confident purchases amidst the uncertainty. The more you can show (not just tell), the better. That’s why 360-degree vision would benefit both sides: your sales team and your prospects. 

“Providing as much personalized, customizable information as possible is paramount for today’s shoppers. Seeing the product in action is a key step to envisioning making that purchase,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “This 360-degree shopping experience is within reach for many B2B businesses, and with an integrated solution from Threekit and Salesforce, it’s even easier to obtain.”

Threekit is a best-in-class product configurator that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and CPQ, completing your quote-to-cash processes with cutting edge technology for 3D and AR visualizations. Let’s look at the three ways this power trio—Salesforce, CPQ, and Threekit—can help your organization achieve a 360-degree vision. 


Elevate CPQ with on-the-spot product configuration

CPQ is already a dynamic solution for streamlining the sales cycle for your buyers. It generates three times faster quoting and a 105 percent increase in deal size. But you can make this powerful tool even more invaluable by providing on-the-spot product configuration for potential customers as part of their journey. Threekit is set up to do just that. 

When your prospect gets to the quoting stage and is looking for you to name your price, Threekit allows your sales reps to start virtual meetings with the buyer and, in real-time, build out a product according to their particular needs. After this demo phase, the sales rep can send the personally configured product as a link or PDF to the prospect along with pricing and a full bill of materials pulled in from CPQ. Additional follow up via QR codes are also available with Threekit to allow prospects to revisit the configured product or customize it in a new way on their own time. 

All done, a one-stop-shop, ready to secure the deal with your prospect in a personalized way. 


Differentiate quotes with 3D and augmented reality

B2B buyers are flooded with countless quotes, all vying for attention. Anything you can do to set your offering apart as the most complete and dependable solution is worth it. That’s why Threekit technology is perfect for differentiating your product quotes. 

Threekit’s AR and 3D configuration improves the buyer’s shopping experience with ease, providing a fast reply to the common “I’d like to see it before I buy it” objection. You can allow your prospects to not just see a single picture of the product, but you can provide an entire 3D lens, customizable in real-time and compatible with augmented reality. The Threekit 3D Configurator includes parametric configuration for greater flexibility around design parameters. Virtual Photographer, another feature of Threekit, allows for placing the product in different contexts and positions. 

Quotes with a true-to-life configuration like that offered by Threekit are more likely to close the deal and earn the buyer’s trust. You can also continue the conversation seamlessly with Threekit’s mobile functionality for visual configurations. 


Integrate with powerful CRM insights

Finally, for any of this incredible technology to be worth the investment, it has to work together. Salesforce is designed to integrate with countless applications and third-party systems. And we here at Simplus have the skills, certifications, and experience to analyze your business processes and organizational needs to create a roadmap to true digital transformation—full view of your customers like you’ve never known before. As a Salesforce compatible integration, Threekit seamlessly connects to the rest of your vital customer information contained in the Salesforce CRM platform. 

Simplus is an expert in Salesforce implementation and integrations. We have years of experience across every industry for setting up Salesforce CPQ to work with your various system integrations. Your entire buyer’s journey can be connected to one single source of truth by partnering with Simplus to integrate Threekit, Salesforce CPQ, and your other buyer touchpoints. 


In a time of uncertainties around every corner, it’s the perfect chance to distinguish your product offerings with answers. Utilizing CPQ, Salesforce, and the 3D and AR technology of Threekit, you can provide the comfort and security of a complete 360-degree view to your buyers. Get in touch with us today to get started on your B2B quote-to-cash transformation.


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