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3 reasons Simplus is a great fit in Canada

Mar 13, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Implementation Services, Latest News, Salesforce Managed Services

I’ve spent over 12 years in the Salesforce ecosystem in Canada. I’ve worked with companies large and small. All of these customers have been after one thing as it relates to the Salesforce platform: faster, more cost-efficient value realization. This is one of the main reasons I decided to join Simplus and bring the Simplus offering to the Canadian ecosystem. And it looks like my timing couldn’t be better…

In February, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, pledged to invest $2 billion over the next five years to expand cloud technology to the people of Canada. “Canada is one of the most exciting investment opportunities for Salesforce, and we are thrilled to commit $2 billion over the next five years to fuel future growth,” he said. “As the world’s 5th fastest growing software company, we look forward to a great partnership and to expanding our employees, customers, and innovation in Canada.”

Over 6,000 leading Canadian companies currently use Salesforce technology to enhance workplace processes and connect with customers in a whole new way. Currently, Salesforce is the CRM leader in Canada with more than 1,300 local employees, and their plans for added growth offer both Simplus and my fellow Canadians some exciting possibilities for building a positive and long-lasting relationship.  

So, how does Simplus help current and future Salesforce customers realize the value of their Salesforce investment faster and more efficiently?


1. Advisory

The first step of moving into the world of Salesforce is understanding your journey. The Simplus advisory practice assists our customers in understanding the art of what’s possible with their business goals. A key challenge for many customers at this point is really understanding the impact of such change. Salesforce enables organizations to create large amounts of change in very short periods of time, so our advisory team works with customers to minimize the risk of user adoption challenges through change readiness.  

Knowing the end state is nice, but understanding the financial, time, and change impact of such an adventure is just as critical. The advisory team at Simplus works with our customers to create executable and measurable plans, unified visions, accurate budgets, reasonable timelines, and change readiness plans. This practice ultimately creates the best opportunity for project success and user adoption.


2. Implementation

“With great power comes great responsibility,” right? While SFDC brings organizations great power, the responsibility to see it through can get lost in the shuffle. For example, if you gave me all the parts and instruction manual, I could probably build a car or a house with enough time. But should I live in that house or drive that car? In my case, definitely not, and it would likely take me way longer than hiring professionals to do the job, but professionals can be expensive.

It’s the same idea with Salesforce. Building the foundation of the platform is so important in order to make sure you can leverage all that the platform has to offer without having to incur too much technical debt. At Simplus, our implementation designs go through rigorous testing and internal approvals prior to being provided to our customers. This is ultimately what leads to our current CSAT and our many public Appexchange reviews. The goal of moving your business to SFDC is typically to reap the benefits of the platform vision. And those benefits can be realized much faster and more sustainably with implementation services from Simplus than from others due to our proven process and experience.


3. Managed Services

Just like a car or a house, business applications require maintenance. In the case of Salesforce, that maintenance is much lower than their so-called competitors (competitors that really aren’t even on the same playing field). Salesforce takes care of most of the non-business focused maintenance—maintenance that costs customers large amounts of money with minimal business benefit. Where most customers struggle is finding qualified Salesforce resources to help them innovate faster. The typical Salesforce Admin costs around 90–120k annually in Canada, and usually they can only work on one portion of the platform. So you hire them, they get smarter and more skilled, and they become worth more, so you can no longer keep them at the same cost. Now you’re posting again for a new admin. At Simplus, we have a Managed Services offering with a dedicated team that can help with cross-platform functionality and that can work in your timezone or multiple time zones. This service comes with a low monthly fee, saving you time and money rather than trying to hire consultants for smaller engagements.

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“Having worked with many large and small partners in the Salesforce ecosystem I was impressed with Simplus’s mature Managed Service offering.  The Simplus team was able to clearly articulate how their offering would solve the issues within our organization to realize greater benefit of the Salesforce platform quicker and address our operational gaps!”

— Matt Fisher, Director IS/IT, Miovision Technologies

The future looks bright for Salesforce and Canada, and with Simplus’ proven consultancy and expertise at the ready, it can only get brighter. Reach out to Simplus today.



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