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3 operational challenges solved by CPQ

Aug 22, 2017 | Admin, Change Management, Latest News, Salesforce CPQ

Do you think you know what your company’s main challenges are when it comes to your sales enablement? A 2014 SiriusDecisions survey found that, for most companies, the main challenge is the ability to find and implement technology that will impact their sales efforts in a positive way.

Are your reps spending too much time on non-selling strategies? Do they need help analyzing data?  Are you experiencing poor internal communication and resources between reps and other departments? If so, it might be time to consider diving into a CPQ solution. CPQ platforms can solve all of the challenges listed above and help revolutionize your business.

Salesforce understands these problems well and has created its CPQ solution to enable your sales team to operate as productively and efficiently as possible. Here are three operational challenges that CPQ can solve.


1. You can spend more of your time selling.

A recent study reported by the Center For Sales Strategy found that organization’s best sellers only spend about 20% of their time actually selling. Sales teams spend too much of their time being bogged down by administrative tasks, generating prospects, and scheduling appointments.

When you choose to implement a CPQ solution, you are able to automate many cumbersome tasks such as spending time pouring over spreadsheets and manually entering prices and sales. In turn, your sales reps can be freed up to spend more time on the task that brings in revenue: sales! Take a step back, look at your entire backend operational process, and see if there’s any task that you think could be automated.


2. You can give your team the communication tools they need to succeed.

Does your team have all the resources they need to succeed? Do teams and departments within your business collaborate efficiently? Is there a centralized source of knowledge that employees can reference? All of these issues can be resolved with a CPQ solution.

CPQ gives you the ability to streamline certain communication channels, such as pricing approvals, order fulfillment and contract renewal opportunities. If you’re considering CPQ, be collaborative with your team—shadow them through calls, meetings, and demos. Record calls and analyze the stream of process through the sales cycle. Ask them what they think their biggest challenges are in the cycle. If your sales processes is segmented and siloed, a centralized and training-centric CPQ solution can benefit your business.


3. You can use data to your advantage.

There is quite a bit of data swimming around in your company that can provide actionable insights into your customer service, products, and pricing strategies. A CPQ solution will open your eyes to these numbers and help you insert knowledge around the info to help you win quotes. For example, let’s say you find that another company is a competitor on a certain quote. You will want to be able to recognize this information immediately and offer a discount to a potential customer so that your price is still at a competitive point.


If even a few of these situations apply to you, you can certainly benefit from the investment in a CPQ solution. A partnership with Simplus is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best solution out there as well as the expert guidance you need to implement your solution effectively. Stop letting these little issues become large barriers to revenue. Give Simplus a call today, and let us show you how you can use Salesforce CPQ to meet your business goals.


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