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Winter ’24 release highlights for consumer goods companies

Oct 26, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Retail and Consumer Goods

As the consumer goods industry prepares for one of its busiest seasons—winter holiday shopping—it’s critical that all systems “go.” Updates from Salesforce help keep your hub for all customer-related data current, optimized, and flexible for the fast-paced environment. 

In the latest Winter ‘24 release, three primary updates for the consumer goods industry are included, and in this blog, we’ll dive into each: account scenario planning, optimized trade promotion, and Visual Studio Code Based Modeler. 


Account scenario planning

First off for business users of Salesforce in consumer goods instances, account scenario planning just got better. You can easily create custom scenarios in your CBP to plan for the now and later with current and future financial years. Simulate different proposed strategies by including or excluding various promotions, compare against KPIs across scenarios, and then activate a chosen scenario to raise revenue on an account-based level. Users can leverage this update in Lightning Experience, Enterprise or Unlimited edition, with Consumer Goods Cloud Trade Promotion Management enabled. 


Optimized trade promotion

Another update for business users in consumer goods organizations is all the enhanced features for trade promotion. From predictive sales uplift volume and custom labels to APIs for promotion analysis and KPI exports, this update has it all.

  • Predict sales uplift volume per promotion: You can make your promotion strategy more effective by predicting key metrics, like the impact of any particular trade combo based on tactics and attributes, to further max out on trade promotion investments.
  • Use custom labels to identify custom periods: With custom labels turned on in the sales org, you can edit the custom period’s short description as a label to then view in Trade Calendar, P&L view, account plan, real-time reports, etc. 
  • Leverage APIs for P&L analysis and exporting KPI grids: Trade Promotion Management now supports the use of APIs to export KPI grids, trigger calculations, and retrieve info based on a variety of data sets. You can also leverage APIs to analyze both raw and calculated KPI information. 
  • Include product attributes in real-time reporting: By defining product attributes that are included in a real-time report, you can show further details like Product ID, Product Code, GTIN, etc. in your real-time reports. You can also include multiple product levels, another new addition. 

View a demonstration of these features from Salesforce here.


Visual Studio Code Based Modeler

The final update is a win for developers using Consumer Goods Cloud. Implementation can be faster and simpler now with the Visual Studio Code Based Modeler speeding up the installation and maintenance process. You can customize your Consumer Good Cloud offline mobile app without having to host a distinct Windows server and database to get the job done. Additionally, the new Modeler CLI plugin helps perform various tasks faster, such as custom app dev, contract validation, deployment package creation, and more. 

All these updates, and so much more, can be optimized for long-term, scalable success with data-driven and AI-ready insights by our team of experts. Let’s start a discussion about your org’s particular needs today. 



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