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What’s new for media in the Spring ‘24 release

Feb 13, 2024 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

The media industry is always in demand—the question is where?

In 2023 it became evident that traditional social media outlets are not going to sustain many media companies’ business models for very long, and the uncertainty of how to incorporate AI doesn’t provide much peace of mind for media leaders either. But if media leaders can truly tap into their target audiences and determine where they need to be and when, then success is always just around the corner. 

For media companies leveraging the Salesforce industry-focused offering, Media Cloud, to supercharge their operations, the Spring ‘24 release has several noteworthy updates, from media planning calendar improvements to integrations with MuleSoft Direct and UX enhancements. 


Enhancements to media planning calendar

Changes to the media planning grid make it easier for users to identify the pricing model, spot length, rating, demographic codes, impressions, and more for pristine calendar mapping. Pricing for placements can be defined within the advertising rate cards. Watch a demo of this enhanced process here. This feature is in preview mode and won’t be widely available until the latest Salesforce release date.


Streamlined integrations with MuleSoft Direct

End-to-end business processes are supported by MuleSoft Direct’s ability to integrate with everything, and API compatibility has expanded with this release to include out-of-the integrations with apps like FreeWheel and Google Ad Manager—a major win for streamlined operations in media. 


Enhancements for advertising sales

Numerous UX enhancements throughout the Media Cloud product help streamline the management of advertising sales for media leaders. You can read more about these updates here.

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