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What’s new for financial services in the Spring ‘24 release

Mar 4, 2024 | Admin, Financial Services, Latest News

The market for financial services has had to revolutionize around customer service in the past few years more than ever. Fintech is bringing financial services closer to consumers, with transparent but secure data access dominating budding business models. Leaders in the finance industry need to build their organizations on a sure technology foundation to support the ongoing pivots. 

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud has several updates in the Spring ‘24 release, from more actionable segmentation enhancements to dispute management and visualized data improvements. We’ll review each: 


Faster and actionable segmentation improvements

First up we have improved actionable segmentation with predefined Data Processing Engine Definitions. This means your reps can build out more flexible filters or reuse filter criteria with templates to achieve a faster look at actionable details with clients. 


Enhanced dispute management

Next are the noteworthy enhancements done for dispute management in Financial Services Cloud. With enriched data and alerting, you can show more transaction information during dispute intakes and resolve disputes with integrated business rules. Additionally, the self-service portal allows clients to quickly and seamlessly raise disputes and quickly send alerts to the involved merchants. 


Visualized insights across all data sources

Finally, financial services leaders will be excited to visualize data more dynamically with the Financial Services Cloud connection to Data Cloud. With FlexCards, users can integrate client data—transactions, behaviors, demographics, etc.—for a holistic look at client profiles within a financial institution. This helps build long-term trend patterns about your clients, preference mapping, etc. You can also ingest client data to your core banking system with this Data Cloud connection as well, opening the door for more visualizations of client cash flow summaries and client cash flow by category. 

Simplus has industry-leading experts across the Salesforce product suite, including inside knowledge of the unique needs of financial services. To start roadmapping your path to greater customer loyalty, let’s talk. 



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