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What’s new for consumer goods in the Spring ‘24 release

Mar 12, 2024 | Admin, Latest News, Retail and Consumer Goods

After a rocky 2023, consumer goods and retail forecasts are looking bright for 2024, with consumers getting ready to spend (and splurge) once again. But to take full advantage of the more eager consumer profile that’s anticipated, business leaders will want to ensure their cloud platforms are up to date and ready to handle increased volume. 

But the search doesn’t have to go far: In the Spring ‘24 release from Salesforce, there are several updates concerning the Consumer Goods Cloud—the industry-specific platform for driving better customer visibility and sales efficiency in the consumer goods and retail space. From enhancements to promotion management to streamlining delivery and distribution, there’s a lot to be excited about. We’ll take a closer look at each major update for the industry: 


More flexible promotion timing management

Consumer Goods Cloud Trade Promotion Management now supports sales with more variable time dimensions for account planning. This means the defined business years can be any number of days from 360 to 380. Sales reps can identify a custom date for the business year to begin with. Time aggregation can also be customized for your business with more flexibility, labels for custom time periods can be personalized, and more. 


Automated promotion transferring

Also new for promotion management in this release is automation promotion transferring. Users can go from Trade Promotion Management to Retail Execution with ease thanks to this integration, bridging the gap from planning in TPM to running in RE. Simply select the promotion and tactic types you wish to transfer, and any changes made to the source TPM promos will reflect in RE. 


Streamlined delivery and distribution enhancements

Finally, new enhancements within Retail Execution make delivery and distribution far more streamlined and efficient. Extended UI for Salesforce admins helps customize online orders without major code updates, allowing you to add, remove, or reorder standard order fields for your more advanced order requests. This custom logic can be found in the Advanced Order LWC offering. 

To get started with or level up your Salesforce instance for superior performance and commerce sales motions, let’s talk. Simplus has worked with numerous consumer goods and retail organizations driving change throughout the enterprise that recenters the focus on customer experience. 



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