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What you need to know about Salesforce org optimization in 2024

Jan 9, 2024 | Admin, Latest News

Over 150,000 organizations use Salesforce to harmonize their customer-facing processes and empower employees with the data they need to reach them. That equates to millions of employees using the platform for their daily workload and even more consumers experiencing the outputs from that platform, across all industries and headcount sizes. In short, it’s easily the most widely used and experienced CRM out there. 

But Salesforce doesn’t get there with stagnant implementation alone. 

Every Salesforce instance requires ongoing optimization to ensure the initial setup scales with business growth and changing customer expectations. So whether your business is looking to climb aboard with your first Salesforce cloud implementation or you’re seeking a way to better optimize your existing Salesforce org, org optimization is a top priority for the year ahead. 

Let’s review three key things to know about Salesforce org optimization heading into 2024: user adoption, iterative development, and seasonal updates.


User adoption is a great place to start optimizing

One of the easiest lifts for optimizing Salesforce org optimization at any organization is looking at user adoption. If your assigned users aren’t using the Salesforce implementation properly (or not using it at all), you’re losing potential benefits and accruing costs than returns. However, with a change management team advising you, you can tackle user adoption head-on with exemplary training and messaging. 

Simplus organizational change management (OCM) advisors are skilled at preparing an organization for change, strategizing a change roadmap, engaging with stakeholders, and enabling users with unique training that captures attention and persuades greater usage. Guided by the pillars of alignment, change prep, engagement, empowerment, and measurement, Simplus OCM prioritizes adoption at every step of your org setup journey.


Iterative development can bring results faster

Whether you’re starting with the basics of Sales Cloud or seeking out a multi-cloud implementation involving Revenue Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more, iterative development from an expert Salesforce consultant as your partner is a must. At Simplus, we leverage a hybrid methodology to help our clients realize results faster. This means after kicking off with stakeholder interviews and workshops, we get right to work building, testing, and refining the program implementation according to the needs and goals of your organization.

Iterative development is also always accompanied by extensive UAT & SIT testing to demonstrate the new build for users and ensure processes are working properly. This approach puts real demos in the hands of users faster so your organization can achieve the dream Salesforce setup faster and with the best results along the way. 


Seasonal updates require regular maintenance checks

With updates to the platform coming straight from Salesforce three times a year, vigilant maintenance is necessary to ensure you realize added functionality and get the most out of it. Much like well visits with your physician, regular checkups of your Salesforce org are an excellent (but often overlooked) way to prevent problems down the road. 

Simplus Managed Services is our answer to the need for Salesforce orgs of all ages to be kept up and maintained. Our team of experts is there for monitoring, mini-project enhancements, and general administrative support to offset the maintenance work done by your in-house team. Our certifications are vast and always up to date with the latest additions from regular Salesforce platform enhancements. If you want to optimize your Salesforce org at all times and all through all changes, Managed Services is the way to go.

Salesforce org optimization is Simplus’ bread and butter. We know how to fix wayward orgs, set a new org on the right path, or optimize existing practices for even better performance. Let’s talk today about how we can help.