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Trekking through transformation with an Implementation and Change Management team

Nov 16, 2023 | Admin, Change Management, Implementation Services, Latest News

Launching a journey on the vast landscape of digital transformation is much like navigating uncharted terrain in a sprawling, ever-evolving wilderness. As organizations embrace the rapid evolution of technology, implementation and change management consultants become increasingly significant. 

A stunning majority of senior executives believe that change leadership will be even more vital in the coming years compared to the past. In many cases, the success of this process requires an outside source of experienced guidance to navigate the common obstacles that cause some change management initiatives to stumble. 

For instance, experts found that 60 percent of executives and project managers identified altering mindsets and attitudes as the primary hurdle in implementing organizational change, with corporate culture trailing behind at 49 percent. 

Other surveys attribute the failure of 72 percent of transformations to inadequate management support for the change (33%) and employee resistance (39%). 

These companies may need to realize that the journey toward digital transformation isn’t merely about adopting new tools and systems; it’s a profound shift in culture, operations, and mindset. 

At Simplus, change management serves as a compass, guiding businesses through a complex trail network to ensure a successful transition from the familiar comfort of traditional practices to the unexplored territories of the digital world.

If this sounds intimidating, you’re not alone. That’s why we offer Organizational Change Management (OCM) services in tandem with our esteemed Implementation consultants for companies needing structure as they build out new tools and new business processes. 

Much like embarking on a new hike, effective implementation and change management lead to successful journeys, panoramic views of success, and a team that’s well-prepared for whatever trails lie ahead. Here’s how: 


Establish Base Camp

Implementation and change management create an environment similar to a base camp that welcomes innovation. It’s a place where new ideas can be explored and developed, creating a culture of continuous improvement. 

Much like a well-maintained campsite, a well-executed change management strategy is the summit of effective communication. It ensures that information flows seamlessly, reducing the risk of communication breakdowns during the journey.


Handle Hairpin Turns

Just as hikers adapt to varying terrains, implementation and change management equip teams with the skills to adapt to new circumstances, technologies, and processes. It’s the art of thriving in changing landscapes.


Embark on a Risk Mitigation Expedition

Unanticipated risks can gouge the most promising change management endeavor. Fortunately, an experienced OCM team can identify potential challenges, expertly navigate around obstacles, and ensure the team is well-prepared to face uncertainties on their journey. 

Some routes may include: 

  • Engaging stakeholders in the initial stages and throughout the process. 
  • Staggering implementation in phases. By starting with the scouting group, you can gather practical feedback that can save loads of time in changing course direction. 
  • Have a data backup plan and recovery procedures in place, if needed. 
  • Adding regular monitoring to identify issues. 
  • Run a comprehensive analysis to identify the potential impact of the infrastructure on end-users. 
  • Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. When you turn this journey into a shared adventure, team members feel comfortable contributing their unique skills and working together to achieve common goals. 


Grab the GPS to Guide Goals and Encourage Growth

Change management serves as your team’s GPS to guide them toward goals. It helps the team stay on course, even when the path becomes challenging or unclear. Successfully implementing change creates fertile ground for personal and professional growth where team members find themselves in an environment that encourages continuous learning and development.


Trailblazing to Implementation Success

Successful implementation and change management create a well-marked trail through the jungles of transition and ensure that your team navigates the changes efficiently to reach their destination with minimal detours.

Much like hikers must tackle different landscapes to reach their destination, companies need robust strategies to handle the complexities of digital transformation. It’s not about embracing new technologies but modernizing the entire organizational ecosystem. Implementation done simultaneously with change management is the compass that guides these organizations through the transformative process, reshaping their structures, workflows, and, most importantly, their culture. 

At Simplus, we believe successful implementation hinges on proactive planning, adaptable leadership, and a cohesive effort across all levels of the organization. Together, our OCM and Implementation experts can guide your teams on a new, promising path to your company’s future. 



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