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What you need to know about communications and media in 2024

Jan 25, 2024 | Admin, Latest News, Media and Communications

The telecommunications and media industry holds a unique place in business, straddling multiple business models between subscription, services, hardware products, and content creation. A successful player in this space needs to do a little bit of everything to stay relevant to consumers, it seems. And every passing year brings a new one to reset priorities and get closer to a complete transformation of the technology solutions powering it all.

For telecommunications and media organizations, we anticipate three themes dominating the conversation about technology functionality in 2024: digital trust, order management, and CPQ. Let’s dive in: 


Securing digital trust from consumers will become a top priority

As consumers experience more digital content from more providers, they’re reporting a seemingly contradictory experience: they’re more connected than ever but their lives feel more fragmented and scattered. The constant information flow has become like air to breathe, but it may also be suffocating our sense of trust and community. Because of this, customers are more skeptical of the brands they choose to share their data and personal information with. To earn digital trust from your target audiences, telco and media organizations will have to prepare and design brand experiences that put the customer experience first and are transparent about what happens with what data along the journey. The more clarity customers feel they have, the more likely they are to choose to do business with you and stay loyal to your brand. 


Streamlining order management processes will distinguish the competition

Another priority we see ruling communications and media tech investment conversations is order management solutions. Order capture is the final but critical step that takes telco/media companies from mere contracts to bonafide orders. And it must be quickly followed by order fulfillment processing. All of this requires pristine tech stack integrations that support visibility between CRM, inventory portals, and customer service departments. We recommend a strong order management solution built out with custom configurations in Salesforce Commerce Cloud and with MuleSoft at the ready for third-party API connections. 


A push for CPQ optimization will support the changing landscape

Integrating your existing CRM systems with CPQ is a critical step for maturing telecommunications looking to optimize revenue operations. As communications and media organizations grapple with the complexities of M&A, unique business models blending product/service/subscription, and the fluctuations of the economy, it’s more important than ever that revenue visibility arrives at your doorstep. With a sleek integration of Salesforce’s CPQ arm, Revenue Cloud, connected to the rest of your CRM, you can manage advertising sales, subscription business, warranties, and service requests and generate sales from every touchpoint with ease. 

To enhance or implement better solutions for your organization in these areas, reach out to Simplus. We’ve worked with multiple telecom and media companies for innovative roadmapping and program delivery with Salesforce products—let’s talk.