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B2B Nation: Wayne Bulsiewicz on Centers of Excellence

Jan 12, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

We’re excited to share that Wayne Bulsiewicz, Director of Experiential Marketing here at Simplus, recently sat down to be interviewed for an episode of B2B Nation. Wayne shared his insights on all things marketing in the B2B space, from events and content marketing to the new experience economy and the lasting value of email marketing, an often overlooked tool. You can catch the highlights below or listen to the complete podcast here.


Experiential Marketing

“We live in an experience economy. If you look at the past 150 years we’ve moved from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy to a service economy and now an experience economy. And customers are making purchasing decisions not only based on product features but the experiences that are facilitated. So when you talk about experiential marketing you’re also talking about personalized engagement, social shareability, creating connections between a product and emotion, and creating positive touchpoints between customers and your brand.” —Wayne Bulsiewicz


The Centers of Excellence Approach

“They are industry-focused and they’re all about having the right go-to-market message within these different verticals or industries. So we are scaling our marketing teams—each of the COEs has a marketing leader. And the marketing leader will use the general marketing team to write the content, and they’ll direct and work with the COE lead on what are the pain points, the biggest issues, in the industries and how can we deliver content that speaks to how Simplus can overcome those challenges in those fields.”  —Wayne Bulsiewicz


The Lasting Value of Email

“I find email is one of the most underutilized marketing tools because it’s so basic. I think people sometimes think they need to come up with a really smart solution, but the value of an email is that you can share and make connections…Newsletters, especially, have a shelf life longer than most emails.”  —Wayne Bulsiewicz


More ways to listen to Wayne Bulsiewicz on B2B Nation:




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