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Utah Business featured Simplus’ WFH culture

Aug 20, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Remote Work Consulting

At this point, employees in a myriad of industries feel like work from home veterans. But Simplus has been touting the remote work culture for years before the pandemic was ever a thought. Founded with this flexible, trusting culture from the start, Simplus is proud of our vibrant culture that has thrived despite the geographical distance between employees. Earlier this year, Utah Business featured Simplus’ experience with remote work and how the pandemic has only reaffirmed what we’re doing right. Read some highlights below or check out the complete article here.


Hubs Fostering Culture

“For Simplus, a software company with locations all over the country and world, remote work is and always has been the way the majority of employees work. Jason Osmond, who works on the public relations and marketing side of the business, says that despite staff working in various locations, “we have a fantastic culture.”

Because many of the hubs (and there is a sizeable one in Salt Lake City) did function as spaces pre-COVID to help to foster a vibrant company culture by hosting such events as yoga and book club meet-ups, Simplus’ move to virtual was perhaps a little less tinged with apprehension.”


Understanding Through Pandemic Hurdles

“With many parents home-schooling their children or assisting with online classes, Cook says it’s not unusual to hear an executive or other team member have to hop off a call to help a kid with something. It’s also become somewhat more acceptable for a person to dial into a Zoom meeting, audio-only, in the case of say, a “really bad hair day,” says Cook.

This is because things just aren’t the same as they used to be. When Simplus’ CEO Ryan Westwood implemented “the hard and fast rule” that everyone have their camera on, that was before anyone knew we’d be living, working—surviving—a months-long pandemic with no end in sight, at least initially.

“We already had that level of engagement online. It was as close to in-person as you could get,” Cook says.”


Remote Employee Productivity

” “We didn’t realize at the time how important that [remote work as the driving concept] would be,” admits Amy Cook, Simplus CMO, who is based in California. Cook, like Osmond, values the flexibility of remote work and can’t help feeling a bit ahead of the curve as more businesses conclude that remote employees do indeed get the job done.”




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