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Utah Business: Welcome Wagon

Jun 12, 2018 | Admin, Latest News

Simplus was recently featured in Utah Business for our “Welcome Weeks”—when we fly out new employees gained through acquisitions for a week of group dinners, celebrations, and all-around fun at our headquarters in Salt Lake City. Isaac Westwood, COO of Simplus, answered questions about what the Welcome Week is, why it’s important, and the long-term business benefits the Welcome Week investment provides.

“We welcome them to our team, to our family, right from the get-go,” Westwood said. “The investment is substantial but the feedback is incredible. They’ve said, ‘The most important thing you did was showed us you cared.'”

Follow this link to read the article and learn more about how we deliver a warm Simplus welcome to our employees. To check out our open positions, click here!


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