Amy Cook on Utah Business: Restaurants innovate out of the pandemic

The resiliency of Utah businesses has been incredibly impressive this past year. Amy Cook, CMO at Simplus, took some time to look at one story in particular—Cafe Galleria and the scenic Aspenglobe seating option—and share how this innovation came to be in an article with Utah Business.

The Aspenglobe is a product of Andy and Emily Jenkins—owners of Cafe Galleria in Midway, Utah—collaborating with Insight Exhibits, another Utah-based business focused on exhibit design. Both businesses needed a way to pivot and cater to the new needs of their customers during the pandemic. With this unique seating option, Cafe Galleria has not only found a way to safely continue its restaurant service through the pandemic, but also a way to create long-term value and provide their customers with something new.

Check out some highlights from Amy’s insights below or read her full article at Utah Business here! 


1. Study the new customer

“How can your brand transition to connect to a new customer? For Andy, offering a safe, socially-distant dining environment welcomes guests who still enjoy eating out. And by taking a unique approach to those safety precautions, the Andy, Emily, and JJ created a memorable experience.” —Amy Cook


2. Re-evaluate your resources

“By identifying your assets, your company can also contribute to a collaborative partnership. By working together, companies can present a new product or service that satisfies an emerging need. For example, when the United Way wanted to expand its Ride United program that provides reliable transportation for people needing a ride to their jobs or doctor’s appointments, they partnered with DoorDash to add food and supplies delivery to their services.” —Amy Cook


3. Reinforce loyalty to your staff

“Focusing on what you can contribute to a collaborative partnership is mutually beneficial to a company’s success, as it sends an important message to your staff about their value. Your employees are your greatest asset, and when they feel appreciated, it reflects in their work performance. Research shows that happy workers can increase their productivity by up to 20 percent more than unhappy workers.” —Amy Cook


Learn more ways your company can innovate for long-term success, in and out of the pandemic, with Simplus’ experts providing advisory guidance.

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