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The healthcare guide to the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Mar 21, 2023 | Admin, Health and Life Sciences, Healthcare, Latest News

To say the healthcare industry has undergone change in the past three years is a radical understatement. Pushed to its limits and forced to transform due to the pandemic, the healthcare industry is now at a critical juncture: to continue innovating or to resume status quo operations? 

Each organization in the space will have to make its own choice, and the sooner, the better. Patients expect more from their healthcare providers, payors, and pharmaceuticals. And they’ve been empowered to seek new options when one is no longer satisfying their wishes. To keep patient trust and loyalty, healthcare organizations need to be proactive and innovative when it comes to the technical processes that keep them in line with patients. Salesforce Health Cloud, with its regular patient-focused updates, is designed to do just that. 

The Spring ‘23 Salesforce release helps healthcare leaders provide more quality, human-centered care within intelligent healthcare frameworks. Couple ongoing updates like these with Simplus’ strong background and experience in implementing healthcare-focused solutions on the platform, and you have a system set up for long-lasting success. Let’s review four key highlights of the latest Salesforce release for the industry:


Human-centered care with Integrated Care Management

Integrated Care Management within Health Cloud is a new feature designed to give your patients a higher level of care without depending on the Health Cloud managed package. The interoperable feature includes integrations with OmniStudio, Action Plans, and Discovery Frameworks for intuitive visibility. Some of the key functionalities of this feature include the following:

  • Creating care plans with guided OmniScript flows
  • Building out a repository of reusable care templates and definitions
  • Receiving personalized recommendations within care plans for identified problems or goals
  • Creating dependent intervention tasks on Action Plan templates
  • Customizing care plans with OmniStudio

Be sure to check out the demo in action here

Applicable Clouds: Health Cloud


Enhancements to contact center for Health Cloud

Engaging with patients in a way that makes sense for them is pivotal to building long-term relationships in healthcare. From that first call and touchpoint, every interaction counts. The contact center enhancements made in this release are focused on making sure every engagement with a potential patient or current patient is documented and measured for success and quick response time. The newest capabilities include: 

  • Real-time call details capturing
  • Customer identification verification
  • Intuitive member engagement monitoring and editing
  • Contact Center timeline tracking
  • Patient and member data views: Advanced Patient Card, Profile Card, and Member Plan Card
  • Action Launcher support for deploying quick, frequently used actions
  • Alerts for record changes
  • Knowledge Center support

Applicable Clouds: Health Cloud


New app: Crisis Support Center Management

One of the most intriguing parts of the Spring ‘23 Release update for healthcare leaders is the latest app in Health Cloud: Crisis Support Center Management. This app is centered on making patient service in the times of greatest need easy, documented, and, most important, fast:

  • Simplified intake flow for capturing client details
  • Enhanced timeline component for tracking engagement history details
  • Quick access to note-taking functionality
  • Provider Search to help clients find the follow-up and supplemental care they need
  • Action Launcher support for deploying quick, frequently used actions
  • Knowledge Center support

A video demo is available from Salesforce here. 

Applicable Clouds: Health Cloud


Enhancements to advanced therapy management

Several enhancements for advanced therapy management in this release make it easier to answer patient needs and pivot enrollments, appointments, etc. when changes happen. Enhanced functionalities include the ability to perform partial appointment rescheduling (ideal for emergency situations), improved visibility on appointment slot buttons to better align with active service appointment groups, and more detail on tracking enrollees, such as allowances, usage-based entitlements, start and end dates, etc. 

Applicable Clouds: Health Cloud


Simplus has extensive experience working with the Salesforce Health Cloud to deliver exceptional and personalized solutions for every client. From managing vaccine administration, patient management, and care programs for providers to establishing Provider Network Management for large healthcare payers, Simplus has done it all right from Strategy to Support.

If you’d like more support enhancing your Salesforce instance to drive greater operational efficiency and reach customers where they are, contact Simplus. Our proven experts can help and start talking today. 



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