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The consumer goods guide to the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release

Mar 13, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Retail and Consumer Goods

Consumer goods and retail companies are bracing for the storm as every economic forecast points to bleak consumer spending conditions by year’s end. But at the same time, this is the industry most uniquely positioned to respond to and innovate based on consumer spending habits.

 “What retailers see on the ground matters. They have a growing amount of data on our spending patterns,” said Leticia Miranda, Bloomberg analyst. “They’re often the first to see when people are tapped out of cash; swapping premium names for cheaper store brands, using more coupons and buying in bulk. Savvy investors know this.” Because business decisions made during a downturn matter for retailers and beyond. Hanging on for dear life won’t be enough to come out stronger after the storm. Continued process innovation that keeps you closer to the customer is key, and Salesforce’s regular release updates are intended to do just that. 

The latest Salesforce release helps retailers and consumer goods organizations promote products smarter and with less hassle through intelligent analytics and enhanced integration technology. Let’s review the three highlights of the release for the industry:


MuleSoft Accelerator

With the MuleSoft accelerator for Consumer Goods Cloud, you can now implement trade promotion management easier than ever before. Baseline data can be quickly integrated from middleware with the Consumer Goods Cloud Processing Service and MuleSoft working together to make data sharing make more sense for your organization. This integration will elevate how you handle customer business planning. Check out Salesforce’s demo here. 

Applicable Clouds: Consumer Goods Cloud with Trade Promotion Management enabled


Enhancements for retail execution analytics

You can track your retail performance with powerful analytics now taken to the next level. The new Advanced Data Model app within Consumer Goods Cloud allows users to identify high-performers across segments, compare with previous years, and monitor the success of new product launches. Users may also analyze the performance of specific promotions based on category, brand, etc. 

Applicable Clouds: Consumer Goods Cloud with Intelligence add-on license


Mobile app domain

The new mobile app domain in Consumer Goods Cloud encourages sales reps to capture customer issues more accurately and improve overall customer satisfaction. Users may select the appropriate classification option for customer tasks within the Task UI of the Offline Mobile app. 

Applicable Clouds: Consumer Goods Cloud


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