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The automotive industry’s guide to the Winter ‘24 release

Oct 24, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

Start your engines. The latest Salesforce release has arrived. 

Winter ‘24 is full of countless valuable updates across all industries, but the automotive industry has some uniquely interesting enhancements to help business users with fleet management and admins of Automotive Cloud instances support inventory management. Let’s look at each update in more detail: 


Enhanced fleet operations tracking capabilities

The first update is for business users in Automotive Cloud, and it brings supreme fleet management capabilities to the factory floor. The new foundational features of Fleet Management allow for greater visibility into operations, streamlining suggestions, and proactive maintenance of inventory. Fleet managers will be able to monitor vehicle value, the usage of a vehicle related to its fleets, associated accounts and contacts, and more. This update is available only in Lightning Experience—Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer edition—with Automotive Cloud and Fleet Management enabled. 


Improved inventory → dealership management

For admin users of Automotive Cloud, it’s now possible to seamlessly manage inventory and dealership relationships. Users can leverage the Vehicle Inventory Search to transfer vehicles across dealership retail locations to meet customer demand where it is. This also supports multiple search results and the transfer of serialized products. 


Intelligent Document Reader for Automotive Cloud

Another noteworthy upgrade for admin users is the Intelligent Document Reader now available in Automotive Cloud. The Intelligent Document Reader allows admins to extract data from documents and map the appropriate fields to fields on Salesforce objects. Whether it’s proof-of-sales, invoices, identity docs, etc., the Intelligent Document Reader is a powerful way to easily update records from paper documents and automatically create the leads, work orders, etc. from the extracted data. 

If you don’t already have Automotive Cloud, learn more here. Next, reach out to our team for help implementing or developing a long-term roadmap for continual optimization of your instance.



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