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Fueling Innovation with Automotive Cloud

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Automotive business goes beyond make and model—it’s the experience

The new automobile customer may not always be seen, but they are heard. Studies show that almost 90 percent of your customers believe the customer experience is as important as the company’s product or services. And their desire for digitally-fueled vehicles creates a unique opportunity for car manufacturers and dealers to use data to create a connected experience.

Based on the design of the best-selling Salesforce Sales Cloud and Commerce functionality, Automotive Cloud is a suite of tools designed specifically for the automobile industry for better dealer operations management, marketing, and service.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • The benefits of Salesforce Automotive Cloud for streamlining sales and marketing operations in both automotive dealerships and automotive manufacturing
  • How to prepare to move your existing solution to the Automotive Cloud platform
  • Tips on selling your stakeholders on an Automotive Cloud investment
10 Things IT Leaders Should Consider When Merging Salesforce Orgs thumb

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