Student success in higher education: Building a connected campus

by David Bowker

As modern consumers, we demand perfection. We expect speedy service, prompt replies, and the product better be exactly how we envisioned it to be.

Modern students are no different.

When they deal with any aspect of your university, they expect the kind of service they have come to expect from any other business in their life.

This can cause significant problems for universities because a negative and poorly managed post on social media can do untold damage to a university’s reputation. For example; a frustrated Tweet from a current student about a computer issue, or a security pass not working, can easily reach a potential student on social media.

In fact (as we covered in an earlier post), over 80% of students now use social media to investigate a potential university. So it’s vital that universities are equipped to address any possible issues students have as they arise.


Boosting student success with Salesforce

The Salesforce platform allows teachers and other faculty administration to quickly address these issues along the way. It also lets staff reach students in whichever method and language the student prefers, allowing staff to form a deeper bond with students.

In fact, a correctly implemented and operated Salesforce platform will not only improve a students’ experiences in their daily dealings with the university – it can increase their chances of success in their studies.

From helping each student to track and manage their projects and assignments, to allowing them to better communicate with their peers and professors; to even alerting course administrators about at-risk students, and allowing them to help the student get back on track before it’s too late; Salesforce is a powerful tool for educators and faculty admin alike.


How Simplus can help

At Simplus, as well as the countless of successful Salesforce implementations we’ve led, we’ve also partnered with some of Australia’s top-ranking universities to improve the student experience and increase the probability of student success.

By allowing unprecedented access to student profiles, activity data, and communication, we also help our partners to drastically increase administrative efficiency, by removing traditional stymies between various faculties and silos and empowering every employee to add to each student’s on-campus experience.

While we have a great deal of experience in partnering with universities, we do not have a preset system for any of our partners, because every institution is different. So we begin every digital transformation by first getting to know our partner’s business and needs so that we can tailor a Salesforce System to best suit that company.

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