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Simplus raises $4.2M in Seed Round led by EPIC Ventures

Jul 15, 2015 | Admin, Latest News, Press Release

Simplus Raises $4.2M in Seed Round Led By EPIC Ventures

Participants include Silicon Valley Bank, Infinite Investments, Prelude, Service Provider Capital, Workfront CEO Eric Morgan, and SteelBrick CEO Godard Abel

Salt Lake City – July 20, 2015 – Simplus, the Utah-based SaaS consulting and development firm, has raised $4.2M in a seed round led by EPIC Ventures. A select number of Simplus employees also participated in the round alongside Silicon Valley Bank, Infinite Investments, Prelude, Service Provider Capital, Workfront CEO Eric Morgan, and SteelBrick CEO Godard Abel.

Simplus continues along its epic trajectory serving Salesforce, Workfront, and other cloud platforms thus also garnering investments from Plus550, which includes iconic entrepreneurs such as Vivint CEO Todd Pederson, Skullcandy founder Rick Alden, and Mercato Partners founders Greg Warnock and Alan Hall.

Simplus, formerly known as Outbox Systems, was founded by Ryan Westwood, Isaac Westwood, Blake Hannon, and John Lawton. Its CEO, Ryan Westwood, began at Workfront (then AtTask) as the Senior Director of Sales, where he identified key opportunities in the SaaS integration market.

“We quickly realized we should focus on helping to build-up AtTask,” said Westwood. “They built project management software. So if a customer wanted to integrate their software with Salesforce that’s not what they do. We have capitalized on that opportunity and expanded to serve these few other leading platforms.”

“Partner relationships have been instrumental to our rapid growth,” said Westwood. “We are excited that our marketing and sales teams are able to ramp up and take things to that next level. We also have a new SaaS product we expect to come out in early 2016, but for now it is top secret due to its revolutionary nature. We’re really ramping up our Salesforce efforts while continuing to innovate within Workfront, Steelbrick and our other cloud partners and I’m happy to say we’ve secured 4 speaking slots at Dreamforce due to the depth of expertise here at Simplus.”

From the beginning, Simplus has focused on building SaaS extensions and integrations that its partners can offer to their customers. Simplus had multiple term sheets from a number of investors just two weeks into fundraising due to its solid growth and impressive management team. EPIC Ventures was selected based on the terms proposed, its culture, and great reputation.



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