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We’re working with Prodly for agile data migration

Oct 5, 2017 | Admin, Data Integration, Implementation Services, Latest News, Press Release

In an era of business that has been defined by efficiency and agility, the ability to quickly migrate data, test environments with that data, and get solutions out to market is critical to garnering success for a company.

This holds especially true for an implementation partner like Simplus, where our goal is to develop and test various environments in the shortest amount of time while still providing superior quality. With a standard data loader, you could spend hours or even days moving data sets from one environment to another, and the process is often prone to error.

This is why Simplus has recently partnered with Prodly, a data migration software company whose first app, Moover, enables Salesforce admins and consultants to rapidly migrate relational data between any Salesforce orgs. Let’s explore some of the benefits that Moover brings to Simplus’ implementation process.

Simplify Salesforce implementation

Moover is the perfect tool for creating and maintaining reference data for complex apps like Salesforce CPQ. Simplus will be using Moover primarily for implementing Salesforce CPQ, which is an app with very complex reference data. Implementation teams and existing CPQ customers will be relieved to know that they can now use Moover to simplify updating CPQ reference data such as price books, price rules, discount schedules, etc. Moover comes with a CPQ dataset template to reduce the setup time.

Painless migration of data

Let’s say you want to move a set of accounts from production to a sandbox to test a new application, and you want to include all relevant data attached to those accounts, such as cases, contacts, and opportunities. With a standard data loader, you would have to manually export each object individually, import back into the target org, and manipulate the child object export files to remap the parent IDs.

In total, that adds up to four imports, four exports, and four transformations. 12 steps in total for each data point you want to migrate! Or, as we like to think about it, 11 more steps than Moover. Moover allows you to package customizable data sets to migrate between orgs with only one step. For Simplus, this tool will significantly reduce the time it takes to test environments and save hundreds of hours in project time.

Seamless sandbox testing

It often takes many iterations to find the one that fits the specific needs of a client. That means you may need to transfer large amounts of data to multiple different orgs, which can be an incredibly time-consuming task.

Agile development often involves assigning different aspects of a project to individual members of a development team. Populating multiple developer sandboxes with test data can be incredibly time-consuming and slow down the agile development process. With Moover, you can quickly seed multiple sandboxes whenever needed with a curated set of test data.

One-click data migration

Manual migration efforts are a tedious, error-prone process that, again, tack on hours upon hours to your implementation efforts. You have to be extremely careful when loading hundreds and even thousands of lines of data to make sure every point lines up in the correct order.

But not with Moover. Built upon an intuitive, Lightning-based UI, you can eliminate the need for users to know the complex data migration processes. Moover makes specifying which data you want to move easy. It automatically places all of your data into the platform’s Data Set Editor, then you just check the fields you want copied over with the corresponding objects, and click Compile. That’s it. You can even save the data set you just created for later use.

Prodly’s Moover has ushered in a new technology that is changing the way we think of data migration. By partnering with Prodly, Simplus hopes to provide our clients with a faster implementation process, allowing for a quicker time to deployment and saving our clients money in the process.


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