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Simplus invites Hufsa Ahmad to Simplus Wellness Program

Jun 25, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

We are excited to announce that Hufsa Ahmad is going to be one of our first guest speakers for our Simplus Wellness Program on July 17th, 2019.  We are excited to hear her expert message about Mental Health. 

Hufsa (pronounced Huff-suh) is a public speaker, social worker, standup comedian, and Muslim woman. Her life is dedicated to helping individuals with mental health diagnoses find the treatment and support they need to thrive. She has delivered over 100 presentations and speeches on mental health, including two TEDx talks: “Relapse is Part of Recovery” and “How to Share You Have Mental Illness (and How to Listen).”

Having transformed from a victim of her illness to a champion of recovery, she dedicates her life to helping other individuals with mental health diagnoses find treatment, recovery, and peace, as well as change the world’s view of mental health. She also believes that humor is a powerful tool for social change, so she incorporates it in her life and public speaking. Her goal is to end the stigma of mental health—her signature phrase is “STIGMA SMASH!”

For her efforts, Hufsa won the Mental Health Association Hope & Courage Award, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Next Step Award, and many other accolades. She has served in the mental health field for seven years as a public speaker, advocate, educator, direct service provider, supervisor, Mental Health Services Act Steering Committee member, and Dayle McIntosh Center for the Disabled board member. She is currently a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach, in the Master’s of Social Work program, and she received a B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College.

Additionally, Hufsa is a rising standup comedian who has performed all over the country, including at Ice House and Flappers Clubs in LA, Laughlin Laughfest, and San Diego Comedy Festival. She was featured on Signature Bits on Spotify and Amazon. Lastly, Hufsa is working on a book about the humorous experiences of “checking off so many diversity boxes” by being a millennial Muslim woman of color living with mental illness.

To learn more about Hufsa Ahmad, please visit her website here.



For this quarter’s remote activity, Simplus decided we would formally launch the Simplus Wellness program. To align our wellness program with our core values, we have broken our Wellness program into three sections that will allow employees to participate regularly. One major aspect of the Simplus Wellness program is inviting Critical Thinking Leading Experts to introduce and promote an area of wellness that impacts employee’s daily lives. Simplus is proud to announce that Hufsa Ahmad is among the first Critical Thinking Experts to talk about Mental Health. 


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