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Simplus has been featured in Young Upstarts!

Aug 2, 2018 | Admin, Latest News

Simplus and our amazing employee benefits were showcased in a recent article on Young Upstarts, a media outlet covering business development. The article, entitled “How Do Your Benefits Compare To The World’s Highest-Rated Consulting Agencies?” , compares the health insurance, flexibility, reimbursement, PTO, and sick leave of seven of the highest-rated consulting agencies according to Glassdoor.

Simplus was compared alongside Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group in the article. While all companies offer impressive, comprehensive health plans, Simplus goes the extra mile and matches HSA contributions—up to $1,000 for family plans and $500 for single plans. Additionally, where other consulting companies have limits on professional development reimbursements, Simplus provides full compensation on Salesforce certifications in addition to pay increases.

Again, when looking at PTO/vacation leave and sick leave, Simplus came out on top. Simplus offers unlimited leave of all kinds. Only Boston Consulting and PwC come close to that with their offers of unlimited sick leave. But even they don’t offer unlimited vacation leave. All the featured companies aside from Simplus only offer so many days of PTO, ranging from 15 to 35, with chances for more based on tenure. But at Simplus, we believe in having a strong work/life balance, so we don’t put any limits on your time away from work.

Finally, when looking at the flexibility of hours and remote working, Simplus was again the clear winner. We provide flexible shifts and work from home options for all of our employees. Look at flexibility in any of the other top consulting companies, and you get the same uncertain answer: “Flexible shifts and work from home options are based on department.”

As the Young Upstarts article notes, only 2% of companies today offer benefits like Simplus does. And it’s done incredible things for Simplus and our award-winning culture. At Simplus, we make complex things simple, and that includes the wellbeing, health, and satisfaction of our team members.


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