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Silicon Slopes: Tell good stories, grow more revenue

Apr 12, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

In the latest episode of the Revenue Growth University podcast, Dr. Amy Osmond Cook sat down with Dan Davis, CEO at Stiry, a company all about sharing the good in life through stories that move people, to chat about how effective storytelling can help grow revenue.


AMY: Tell me why you named your company Stiry.

DAN: We wanted to do the stories that we wanted to do, the stories that could make a difference in people’s lives. The word Stiry is a play on words, a mix between “story” obviously, and “stir,” as in stirring emotion.

AMY: What are some of the most impactful stories you’ve worked on?

DAN: Oh, you’re asking me to pick my favorites? Oh, that’s a tough one. Right now we’re working on a project with a woman who had a brain tumor. The project was called “You Are Beautiful.” We wanted to capture her perspective during that horrible process. It’s a story that’s going to challenge all of us and how we see ourselves and the time we have with those we love. Another one of my favorite stories we’re working is about a runner in Australia. It covers a  lot of the personal struggles he had to go through that a lot of us can relate to on another level.

AMY: Sounds interesting! So you take a cause-based approach, how does that translate into revenue growth?

DAN: What we do is a long-term approach. But we’re not in it for the short game, and neither are the clients we work with. We build lasting connections through telling these stories. And those connections stem from a deep desire to resonate with a great cause. If a founder of a company has an inspiring mission, or a person has an honest cause, customers will want to connect and share their own stories. After that, the sales just seem to come. If you can keep someone on the edge of their seat, then you’ve got their attention. And when you have someone’s attention, they’ll listen to what you have to say. They’ll make an effort to open up to your ideas and try to understand how their lives could be better with your solutions. That’s why people love movies and books. They suck you in and change you. If you tell your story right, with quality, you will be able to boost your sales.


To hear more, click here to hear the full podcast.


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