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Silicon Slopes: Q&A with Ryan Westwood on Utah’s tech market

Jun 11, 2021 | Admin, Latest News

Utah is the new frontier for tech. Of course, that isn’t news to any of us at Simplus. The technology industry has been steadily growing in Utah for years, and Simplus is proud to be among the companies propelling it forward. Experienced in both the region and the industry, Ryan Westwood was recently featured by Silicon Slopes for a Q&A session with Clint Betts. Check out the highlights below or the full article here.


The State of Tech in Utah

“Tech companies in Utah have been doing an incredible job at putting more high-value, well-paying technical positions into the local economy. Tech workers in Utah have a median wage that’s 82 percent higher than that of all occupations in the state.” —Ryan Westwood


Simplus Contribution to Local Economy

“Simplus has been adding jobs to the local economy since the very beginning. While we are a remote, global company, a large percentage of our top talent is Utah-based. We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace—we have hired over 50 people so far this year with an expectation to hire even faster. What’s more is the compensation for those Salesforce-certified positions will be at least $100,000.” —Ryan Westwood


Early Success

“One of the most critical things we did to grow so rapidly and successfully at Simplus is that we focused on our niche early on and became the best at it. Quote-to-cash technology, specifically Salesforce CPQ, was young when we zeroed in on our focus and began providing those valuable expert consultative experiences to clients. This gave us a valuable differentiation and a way to attract not only loyal customers but also critical talent. Our CPQ niche has since grown, and we provide services encompassing the entire digital transformation journey.” —Ryan Westwood


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