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Silicon Slopes: Four Ways Managed Services Can Grow Your Business

Dec 13, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Managed Services

Ryan Northington, Director of Managed Services at Simplus, was the next guest to sit down with host Amy Cook as part of the Revenue Growth University podcast series. This segment of the podcast covers managed services and breaks down the myth that managed services are a low-value investment for just a bucket of maintenance hours. In this article from Silicon Slopes, Northington outlines four ways you can tell Simplus’ managed services are much more than that, and he explains how you can drive high-value ROI out of partnering with the right managed services provider. Catch the highlights of Simplus Managed Services here:

1. They Are a Named Team

“In the professional services world, it is easy to have big projects become a resource suck,” Northington says. “One of the ways we have maintained high levels of research continuities is that we have separated the managed services team from the project management team.”

2. They Optimize Productivity

“Having a trusted advisor to help you operate your Salesforce solution really minimizes that long-term maintenance burden that some customers find themselves in after over customizing their instance,” reports Northington.

3. They Encourage Collaboration from Both Parties

“We have to do our best to align the technology that you’ve invested in to achieve the results that you, the business, has [sic] defined,” says Northington. 

4. They Are Founded on Clear Expectations

“You have to set those expectations with those users to make sure that they are aligned with what it takes to operate this solution successfully,” Northington advises.

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