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Silicon Slopes: Using Honesty and Humility to Grow Your Revenue

Next up on Silicon Slopes’ Revenue Growth University? Taylor Cotterell, EVP at NaviTrust. Cotterell sat down with host Amy Cook to discuss the history of Silicon Slopes, NaviTrust’s role in it, and how companies can identify real differentiators to attract top talent. The key principles for any tech company looking to distinguish itself and grow are honesty and humility, according to Cotterell. Learn more tips from him by checking out the article from Silicon Slopes here or you can catch the highlights below:

1.How should a tech company differentiate itself?

“What we need to do in order to attract the best talent is to become vulnerable,” said Cotterell.

2. Is fun culture enough?

“The way to attract the real talent is to provide problems for them to solve,” said Cotterell. “You do that by exposing your problems.”

3. What makes an ideal candidate?

“The ideal candidate for any job, especially in the tech industry, is someone who is humble, hungry, and smart with people,” said Cotterell. “It’s that simple.

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