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Silicon Slopes: The competitor of every SaaS company is not what you think

The latest installment of Silicon Slopes and Simplus’ Revenue Growth University podcast takes us to Cloudkettle and CEO Greg Poirier, who has some news for all SaaS startups: Excel is your biggest competitor. It’s not the latest tech startup down the street. It’s the comfy software trademark to most if not all companies. According to Poirier, a key distinction between winners and losers in the tech startup space is how these big ideas deal with Excel. On this episode of Revenue Growth University, VP of Marketing at Simplus, Amy Cook, sat down with Poirier to discuss why Excel is such a stronghold and how SaaS companies can respond to it.

Check out some highlighted quotes from the podcast below, read the full Silicon Slopes article, or listen to the whole podcast here!

Why Excel is so formidable

“Everyone already has Excel … everyone already knows how to use it … Excel is extremely reliable and people understand it,” Poirier said. “Yes, it probably doesn’t do a very good job, and it can be super time intensive. But everyone knows that it works. “

How to move forward

“These SaaS companies have great products, and they understand the pain points of their respective industries,” Poirier said. “They just struggle to understand what the client’s inability to move away from Excel is. And that’s a huge barrier.”

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