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Salesforce Ventures supports consultant partners with $50 million

The growth of cloud computing is fueling the expansion of Simplus and the entire Salesforce ecosystem, and there are no signs of slowing down.

The latest funding round from Salesforce Ventures to its Consultant Trailblazer Fund—$50 million—directly supports partners like Simplus. According to IDC research, Salesforce and its associated partners are set to produce $1.2 trillion in new business revenue and 4.2 million new jobs—coinciding perfectly with the projected growth in cloud spending from $179 billion in 2019 to $418 billion by 2024.

This is the second funding round dedicated to the Consultant Trailblazer Fund. In May 2017, Salesforce Ventures first launched the fund, and Simplus is honored to have been among the recipients both times.

Simplus knows firsthand the importance and value of not only Salesforce’s financial assistance but its eager support for growing partners with promising talent. Channel Futures, covering the funding, quoted Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood: “Since Salesforce Ventures first invested in Simplus in 2016, we have expanded globally and are now a Salesforce Platinum Partner. Salesforce Ventures has supported us throughout our expansion into APAC, Canada and EMEA. Salesforce Ventures’ presence in our board meetings, introductions and support of our ongoing strategy have been invaluable to [our] growth.”

For Simplus, growth has been fast. We closed our latest funding round at $20 million this year and completed our sixth acquisition in three years. And Consulting Magazine has recognized Simplus for two years in a row—2018 and 2019—as one of the fastest-growing firms. Without the funding or support of Salesforce, this rapid growth would not have been possible.

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