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Salesforce Billing vs. Zuora: A comparison of features

Jun 6, 2019 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Billing

We know what you want.

You want software that offers streamlined solutions for your biggest billing hassles. Bells and whistles certainly sound fancy. But in the end, you just want something that’s easy to learn, use, and does the job right the first time.

We compared the features and services of two leading billing software programs: Zuora Z-billing and Salesforce CPQ Billing Solutions. We gathered data from some top software review sites, such as G2 Crowd, GetApp, and Capterra, and aggregated it into this one table. Here are the results:


salesforce billing

*For automated billing, Salesforce offers feature parity in scheduled invoice runs.

**For customizable invoicing, Salesforce Billing does offer this through our trusted partner, Conga, with even more robust invoicing capabilities than Zuora. 


So, the results are in! For any business size, Salesforce has the features you want to simplify your billing processes.

The bottom line is that customers want a billing solution program that automates time-sensitive inventory, pricing, and customer tracking functions while also streamlining the overall billing and work processes. But, it must be easy to use, because your billing software should save you time to build your business—not take loads of time learning how to run it.

At Simplus, we provide expert services for Salesforce Billing. We love the exciting, customized features it offers our customers. Even the most complex of tasks can be streamlined, so you can focus on what matters most for your business—the customer.

To learn how to make complex things simple, give us a call. Simplus = Success Simplified.



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