Ryan Westwood on how to cut IT costs during pandemic

Ryan Westwood, Simplus CEO, was featured in Business Insider’s recent article, “Three simple steps any company can use to cut cloud costs as a recession shrinks IT budgets.”

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty continues to loom large, companies in every sector are looking for ways to tighten budgets while maintaining operations and employees. Ryan Westwood offered his thoughts as a leader in the tech consulting space on how to balance rising IT demands with tighter financial capacity. Business Insider’s piece includes insights from Jody Shapiro, CEO of Produtiv, and Ian Gotts, Founder and CEO of, alongside Ryan’s remarks.

Companies should “put employees first, then customers, and then shareholders,” said Ryan. Cost-cutting measures should be considered based on impact in that same order.

Ryan’s focus on a transparent, people-first culture had made Simplus into the caring and top-rated workplace it’s known as today. You can learn more about Ryan’s workplace culture philosophy and practical tips for how to elevate your own company culture in his ebook: 6 Steps to Great Culture.

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