ryan westwood

Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood is one of 2021’s Best CEOs

Simplus is excited and humbled to share that Ryan Westwood, CEO, has again ranked as one of Comparably’s Best CEOs for large companies.

The 2021 Best CEO award marks two consecutive years Westwood has received this exemplary recognition. Winners are determined based on anonymous employee feedback gathered by Comparably within the past calendar year. The highest-rated CEOs make up those awarded. 

“I believe that when team members understand the company’s common goals and are given tools to work toward achieving those goals, employees will feel empowered, invested, trusted, valued, and committed to solving problems with new, innovative solutions,” says Westwood in his 6 Steps to Great Culture ebook. “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. As our employees are empowered and supported, they start thinking like CEOs and seek out ways that they can promote the best interests of the company.”

To see the complete list of honored CEOs this year, click here.



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