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Ryan Northington: President of Simplus North America

Apr 8, 2020 | Admin

We are excited to announce that Ryan Northington has accepted a new appointment as the President of our North America business unit.

“I am honored and excited to accept the responsibilities of this esteemed role at Simplus,” said Northington. “I am looking forward to continuing to grow the North American business unit in this new capacity.”

Northington has been working closely with Simplus’ delivery team since his start with Simplus in 2017. In his previous role as VP of North America Delivery, Northington was responsible for managing Simplus’ managed services program. This included helping Simplus clients protect their ROI on Salesforce investments by managing the delivery of resource continuity, flexible capacity planning, and implementing API-based and middleware integrations to other systems.

Now, as President of Simplus North America, Northington will be setting policies and strategic direction for the North America unit. He will continue to implement Simplus’ vision, mission, and overall direction. Northington’s 20 years of business development experience, goal achievement history, and a vast well of knowledge has allowed him to manage high-growth teams at Simplus, and we’re excited to see more successes under Northington’s proven leadership in the future. 

“I believe this will better align our sales and delivery teams and create greater continuity in our go-to-market strategy,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO. “Ryan has continued to excel in the responsibilities that have been given to him, whether the growth of the managed services practice or his management of the delivery organization.”

Congratulations to Ryan Northington!


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