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Revenue Growth University: Amy Cook and Adam Wardel talk compliance

Oct 23, 2018 | Admin, Latest News

Revenue Growth University is Simplus’ podcast all about channeling more business into your business, and Adam Wardel, General Counsel at Simplus, is among the latest interviews to air. Wardel sat down with Amy Cook, Simplus VP of Marketing, to discuss compliance—the “most overlooked” element of generating revenue, according to Wardel.

When many people hear the term “legal compliance,” they tune out from boredom before they can realize what compliance actually does for a company’s finances. Wardel discusses the top five areas companies are not compliant in, and how compliance in these areas can transform revenue growth for businesses.

The Revenue Growth University podcast has over ten and counting interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders across the board. Hosted by Amy Cook, the Revenue Growth University episodes cover everything from internal Simplus thought leadership interviews to insights from the minds behind NaviTrust, Boomsourcing, and FileShadow. Best of all, it’s free and the perfect length for your morning commute.

Watch the teaser for Adam Wardel’s episode on YouTube, or find the full episode and many others on iTunes today!


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