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Redefining possibilities: AI’s impact on high tech companies

Jul 31, 2023 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News

It’s been the best of times and some of the lowest for the high tech industry. Despite soaring growth numbers buoyed by a heavily digital-driven and remote-friendly pandemic in 2020, around 150,000 tech employees were handed pink slips by the middle of May 2023, leaving the high tech industry wondering how to navigate the remnants of a sluggish economy that couldn’t sustain high volumes of hiring paired with a leveling investment in digital transformation among customers. 

But Big Tech has another trick up its proverbial sleeves: AI technology. 

Salesforce has been pioneering AI for CRM since 2014, and Salesforce customers have optimized their CRM with AI capabilities via Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud.  

Now, companies focused on using AI tech to rebuild, rebrand, and revamp operations with a modern infrastructure are armed with automated, centralized data management and analytics with predictive capabilities, personalized customer support, and more efficient processes. 

“One of the most significant impacts of AI on the high tech industry will be automation,” said Alok Nayak, a global digital strategist. “By using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, AI can automate many of the tasks currently performed by humans, from data entry to customer service.”

Companies like Arrow, a Fortune 500 company, use this AI-tech-based technology to innovate end-to-end solutions for better collaboration over the sales cycle. 

“The use of AI algorithms to analyze massive amounts of data enables businesses to identify patterns and make predictions about future trends, ultimately resulting in better-informed decision-making,” Nayak added. “This will be particularly valuable in the high tech industry, where companies need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.”

For instance, Limelight Networks, a digital content delivery company, leverages this innovation to modernize their CPQ and Einstein Salesforce systems to optimize predictive, cost-saving strategies and streamlined workflow that seamlessly keeps up with the escalating pace of the high tech industry. 

AI technology is transforming how tech companies of all sizes optimize the digital space with intuitive UX and delight customers with unprecedented buying experiences. 

In our upcoming ebook, The Future is AI: AI’s Impact on High Tech Industries, we’ll discuss some AI features that enhance UX with robust data management, seamless onboarding, proactive sales strategies, and centralized data and pave the way for Super Apps. 

We will also share details about innovative Salesforce tools that have metamorphosized the customer experience by supplementing existing UX innovations that eliminate siloed systems, automate essential yet repetitive tasks, and simplify the buyer’s journey with thoughtful, personalized product offerings and services at strategic touchpoints. 

Finally, we’ll explore the provocative potential Generative AI presents to companies implementing AI-tech-supported digital transformation to personalize customer relationships with targeted content, support, and analytics and drive measurable business growth. 

From enhancing productivity and optimizing processes to gaining invaluable insights and personalizing customer experiences, AI empowers high tech companies to soar to new heights of innovation and success. Watch for our upcoming ebook! 

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