3 ways you can use rebates to elevate partner relationships

The manufacturing landscape is changing—and changing rapidly. Customer demands and expectations are changing, pushing more and more manufacturers to embrace digital engineering technologies and service providers, according to the latest ISG Provider Lens. One of the top priorities they hope to get out of their transformation? Stronger partner relationships that help deliver a more personalized experience for the end customer. And one key but underlooked part of those manufacturing partnerships is rebate programs. 

Innovation in rebate management has been stagnant for many companies for many years. But there’s a growing segment of organizations making the deliberate choice to revitalize their rebate programs as just one part of larger digital transformation efforts. And they’re reaping the rewards.

Once you’ve decided to revamp your rebates, there are many ways you can use that strategy to also nurture partner relationships for harmonious selling. In this blog, we’ll review just a few, including data visibility, automation, and the crowning jewel of true partnership—effortless collaboration. 


Share more data visibility

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers managing rebate programs is having control over the results. Manufacturers and their partners want the ability to adjust in real-time according to what is or is not meeting expectations. If performance insights are…



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