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3 reasons to work at Simplus Philippines

Apr 18, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

“Simplus Philippines ensures I can pursue a meaningful career without the need to sacrifice other important things in life, like time for your family.”

That’s Kane Chelster Macaspac, Technology Governance Manager at Simplus.  Kane has been with Simplus Philippines for four years and loved every minute of it.  To him, it’s been one of the best careers decisions he could’ve ever made. Kane joined Simplus in August 2018 and started his career as a Salesforce Developer. In just three years, Kane got promoted to a Technology Governance Manager role where he is leading the team of Salesforce Technical Architects of Simplus Philippines. 

“The job never feels stale. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, something new and odd pops up to keep everything interesting,” says Kane. “I could go on and on about how grand and wonderful Simplus Philippines. There are plenty of reasons why I love working here. But at the heart of it all is how the company values each and every employee.  And indeed, I’ve never felt truly valued anywhere but here.”

Simplus Philippines has a flexible culture and employee benefits fit for the modern work landscape and your personal needs. We proudly train Salesforce professionals at any point on their journey to achieve their goals and realize new ones in a family-oriented environment. This article will feature three of the top reasons to consider Simplus Philippines your next dream job: permanent work from home, a four-day workweek, and our culture. 


Permanent work-from-home setup

One of the most significant benefits to come out of the pandemic is that Simplus Philippines has since shifted to a permanent work-from-home setup. This is a great benefit for numerous reasons. First of all, the time and fuel saved by eliminating a regular work commute are invaluable, especially with current traffic conditions and rising gas prices. Additionally, working from home provides you with great flexibility to attend to your own errands and enjoy more time with your personal relationships, whether it’s a quick walking break or lunch hour with a friend. Stat about work from home mental health. So long as you’re clear about your schedule and communicating with the team, work from home is a blessing for everyone here at Simplus Philippines. 


Four-day workweek

Another key benefit of Simplus Philippines that aids in creating a more flexible work-life balance is our four-day workweek. Many companies that have already made the switch to a four-day workweek have already seen the advantages for employees and company profits, such as a 40 percent gain in productivity and a 23 percent reduction in overhead costs like electricity. But it’s not just about the company’s bottom line. More importantly, it’s about the flexibility and breathing room it gives to our team members. With a four-day workweek, our team members are happier at work and at home since they have more time to balance both their professional goals and their leisure time adequately. 


Fun, supportive team culture

Finally, the Simplus Philippines culture is among the best. Despite being part of a global and growing consultancy, we have maintained a close-knit and family-oriented atmosphere. We have all the benefits of a large organization—financial support for certifications and professional development, medical benefits, and collaboration with a global team—while still enjoying the closeness of our own regional hub. We work together, play together, and support each other in both careers and personal endeavors. 


Are you interested in joining our Philippines team? Check out our open positions here or reach out directly to our recruitment specialist over LinkedIn! 




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