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14 reasons to love working at Simplus

Feb 14, 2022 | Admin, Latest News

We have many loves in life: partners, children, parents, friends, sales on chocolate at Trader Joe’s… but it’s not common for your workplace to make that “love list.” However, Simplus is unique because of how frequently our employees feel the love for the place they work. 

At Simplus, we’re proud to be home to a company culture that is compassionate, flexible, and caring. The Simplus culture has been awarded multiple times, to be sure. But even greater than that is the honest employee feedback we receive about how transformative and supportive Simplus is for all our team members. So this is our valentine to Simplus, and to each and every team member that makes us who we are. 14 reasons for February 14th: 


1. Company values

Simplus’ company values are underdog spirit, critical thinking, and stewardship—and every person here embodies these values wholeheartedly. 

2. Investment in your professional progression

We have a robust certification program—not only are the fees for your first two testing attempts covered but there are also bonuses and promotions in store for achieving new certifications. 

3. Diverse and inclusive

Simplus’ team represents over 17 nationalities and 20 languages across four different continents.

4. Family leave

With eight weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, you know Simplus is there to support your whole family. 


5. Wellness and social activities

Simplus Wellness rallies the entire company with challenges and seminars on healthy living, and our team has done everything from virtual cooking lessons to ax-throwing to build our team camaraderie. 


6. Team meetings

Speaking of activities, our regular team meetings hardly feel like meetings—we spend at least 50% of the time just cheering each other on and recognizing team member accomplishments. 


7. Paid VTO

Simplus covers four hours of volunteer time off every quarter because we know the value of individuals taking time away to get involved and give back is priceless. 


8. Seasoned remote work and flexible schedule organization

Everyone has gone remote now, but there’s nothing like working for a company that knows how it’s done. Simplus has been doing remote work and flexible schedules since its beginning in 2014. 


9. Unlimited PTO

Simplus trusts its employees, it doesn’t micro-manage. This empowers our culture to support unlimited PTO opportunities for everyone. 


10. Ideas over titles

At Simplus, good, innovative ideas surpass fancy titles. If you have new ideas you’d like to share, we’re excited, no matter your seniority level. 


11. 401K

It’s a good feeling when you know both you and your company are financially invested in your long-term goals. 


12.. The Slack channels

Memes, gifs, wacky polls, regular appearances of Rebecca Black’s Friday… we have fun. There’s a Slack channel for any interest so you can find your people.


13. Competitive health, dental, vision

Simplus offers some of the best coverage for you and your family’s health, giving you the security you need to focus on spending time with them, not just providing for them. 


14. Compassionate culture

Every time a new hire joins us, it’s the first thing they notice: people here really care. We check in with one another as friends, not just colleagues, because while we may be remote, we have bonds that last. 



If you want to be part of Simplus, take a look at our open positions and find something that you’ll fall in love with.




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