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Simplus ranked as a top company for work-life balance

Simplus has ranked as a top company for integrating work-life balance principles into our business model. Comparably, whose mission is to reveal company cultures and showcase fair and accurate displays of company brands, recently released their pick of the top 15 companies that prioritize work-life balance and featured Simplus among them. We are honored to be featured as a successful company in such a critical area.


Why does work-life balance matter? 

There are a couple of reasons. Studies show that chronic stress is the most common health issue in the workplace. Not only does stress lead to physical maladies such as hypertension, digestive problems, and aching muscles, the toll it takes on one’s mental health leads to depression, anxiety, poor work performance, and—you guessed it— employee burnout. 

A recent Harvard Business Review article estimated that the onset of emotional and physical problems totaled almost $200 billion a year in healthcare spending. But it also means great employees are leaving a job that they used to enjoy because it’s making them sick. 


This is why work-life balance matters to Simplus. 

With studies showing that 94 percent of service professionals, for example, work an average of 50 hours per week, it’s no surprise that 72 percent of job seekers list work-life balance as an important factor when selecting an employer. So it’s great to see a company like Comparably promoting businesses that prioritize work-life balance. And we are incredibly proud to be a part of that list. 

“Making sure employees can separate work from the rest of life has become even more precious,” explained Comparably. They selected companies that understand the concept of work-life balance and have made those principles a central point of their business model. 

To read the full list of companies, click here. 




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