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Meet Randy Steyer — Simplus’ May Hitter in the Ranks

May 29, 2019 | Admin, Latest News

Randy Steyer is this month’s Hitter in the Ranks!

Randy’s ability to steer strong sales momentum in what is often the precarious world of enterprise sales has a profound impact on Simplus’ overall growth.

We wanted to know more a little more about Randy, what drives his connection with customers, and his extensive knowledge of customized solutions.


What do you do at Simplus?

I handle enterprise sales for the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are some of your hobbies?

I am a Formula One fan. I’ve been to Monaco, Indianapolis, Montreal, Long Beach, Dallas, and Singapore. I’ve also been a Vintage Car Concours judge. I enjoy tennis, golf, photography, and my wife says I also enjoy the performing arts.

Which achievements are you most proud of, either personal or professional?  

First, I am very fortunate to have found an incredibly great wife to support me in my career. Second, I am very proud of the growth we’ve seen in expanding Simplus enterprise accounts from zero to a respectable business for the company.

Why do you like working at Simplus?

Because we are nimble and flexible enough to make great things happen with our customers.


Congratulations, Randy! We’re so happy that you’re part of the Simplus family!


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