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The Definitive QTC Guide Sneak Peek: Billing

Aug 17, 2020 | Admin, Latest News, Salesforce Billing

There’s one more piece to defining QTC. In addition to setting up stellar CPQ and CLM technologies, you will need to take a look at your billing processes. As Gilles says, you have to think of billing like your organization’s circulatory system: it must operate (and operate well), or everything else will shut down. 

In The Definitive QTC Guide, Gilles digs into all of the billing woes and nightmares many companies experience, how automating with Salesforce Billing can alleviate these challenges, and special best practices on how to get the most out of all the visibility a lean billing automation system offers. Check out the highlights below:


1. Growth is good but may create long-term problems on the billing side

“With new products and services, new go-to-market strategies, and continued evolution in markets, your business has been forced to adapt. Over time, the solutions for gaps in the current systems and system functionality can compile, leaving quite a sophisticated architecture that may eventually result in slowed growth or slower response to market demands.” —Gilles Muys 


2. You can maintain a tailor-made tech stack AND enable growth with automated processes

“Salesforce Billing allows for a seamless integration to CPQ for a single, central source of record for your products and services. New products can be built quickly and launched effectively as they are visible to your sales teams and available from QTC instantaneously. The flexibility of the platform allows for only those customizations that enable your business and not slow growth or acceleration to market dominance.” —Gilles Muys


3. Let Salesforce Billing go beyond sales and accounting

“Salesforce Billing has applications beyond your sales and accounting teams. The visibility offered by Salesforce Billing has a special application for your customer service reps. Leveraging Salesforce Billing and the insights it offers into customer ordering and payment habits can give your reps greater clarity to their cases..” —Gilles Muys



It’s no secret: billing is complex and, too often, riddled with headaches. Give your organization a refreshing break by reading the entire Billing chapter of Gilles’ landmark book: The Definitive Quote-to-Cash Guide.



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