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Proven signs that Automotive Cloud is fueling industry innovation

May 2, 2023 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

The new automobile customer may not always be seen, but they are heard. Studies show that almost 90 percent of your customers believe the customer experience is as important as the company’s product or services. And their desire for digitally-fueled vehicles creates a unique opportunity for car manufacturers and dealers to use data to create a connected experience. 

Based on the design of the best-selling Salesforce Sales Cloud and Commerce functionality, Automotive Cloud is a suite of tools designed specifically for the automobile industry for better dealer operations management, marketing, and service. 

“Immersive, connected, and frictionless experiences will be a key differentiator for auto companies in an increasingly competitive market where electric vehicles are standardizing performance,” said Achyut Jajoo, SVP and GM of Manufacturing and Automotive, Salesforce.

Some key features enable automotive service providers to :

  • Provide an immersive, AI-powered digital experience. For example, the Commerce Cloud platform provides B2C and B2B customers with a personalized shopping experience, tailored to the customer’s preferred location and provides product details, availability, parts, service, and warranty information for existing customers. 
  • With prebuilt applications that provide a virtual, interactive AR experience, customers can customize their desired vehicle model. 
  • Simplify fulfillment and order services with automated inventory routing, order management, and omnichannel experiences that connect commerce, marketing, and service functions. 

Migration is simple. A four-step process that includes assessment, enablement, integration, and data migration is made even easier with prebuilt industry solutions and process libraries. Here’s more: 


4 Steps to Migrate Existing Custom Solutions to Automotive Cloud


1. Assess Automotive Cloud features and the impact on current solutions

Our Simplus team will conduct a fit-gap analysis to determine the level of configuration required to align with Auto Cloud features. The ready-to-use process libraries and pre-built industry-specific solutions, including UI and data models, accelerate configuration. 

Why we love it: This innovation elevates customer centricity and provides a digital forward sales engagement platform that personalizes the customers’ experience.


2. Enable Automotive Cloud

Once a solutions strategy is established, it’s time to set up and configure Automotive Cloud. Declarative programming frameworks, flows, omnistudio and scripts, business rules engine, and other declarative options mean implementation is quick and easy. 

Why we love it: The core design of Automotive Cloud means less customization is required to enable seamless ecosystem collaboration and support automotive industry applications. Now, car dealers and agents have a 360-degree view of every branch of their operations.


3. Evaluate Integration Impacts

Based on evolving needs, our team can realign integrations and change the custom objects/field reference to standard automotive objects/fields (as applicable) in interfaces. 

Why we love it: Pre-built process libraries mean you can quickly expedite go-to-market and product launch campaigns due to an advanced low code/no code platform for industry vertical and declarative framework, requiring minimal customization and less maintenance cost over the lifetime.


4. Monitor Data Migration/Correction Strategy

Our team will plan for ongoing data correction/migration activity to convert from custom objects fields to standard Automotive Cloud objects fields. 

Why we love it: With compliance being an ongoing issue, the prebuilt compliance elements included in this CRM are based on the industry’s common functionalities and standards.


To drive growth, elevate the customer experience, and speed past the competition, leading automotive companies are looking for digital-forward solutions. Based on the success of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Commerce Cloud, the new Automotive Cloud platform is bringing industry-specific solutions to the forefront of digital transformation. 

For more information about ways Salesforce cloud solutions could accelerate your operations, let’s talk!



David Rivas, SVP of North America, MFG and SURE
David Rivas
SVP of North America, MFG and SURE at | + posts

David is SVP of North America, MFG and SURE  at Simplus.