Pathfinders Online Institute now available for free public access

Children all around the world are experiencing a dramatically different school year due to the COIVD-19 pandemic. But the Infosys Foundation USA’s Pathfinders Online Institute, newly made free to the public, can help keep kids learning and developing new skills from any location.

Due to widespread school closures and a high demand for more digital educational content, the Infosys Foundation USA has made Pathfinders free and available to the public. Anyone who creates an account can access a wealth of educational computer science content. Learners everywhere can now easily build valuable STEM skills and discover a passion for development—all from within their own homes.

Since its beginning, the Infosys Foundation USA has been committed to expanding access to computer science education all around the world. Pathfinders is critical to that mission. With a simple login creation, school children, teachers, and families can all access a wide selection of computer science and maker ed content, from tutorials and lesson resources to activities and courses. Pathfinders is partnered with Microsoft MakeCode, Project Invent, Family Code Night, and many more, and the platform will be updated weekly with new content.

As the global educational system has been completely uprooted and forced to transition to home-based situations, robust online learning platforms are more essential than ever before. Pathfinders is one such program. It is the perfect solution to empower the teachers preparing digital lesson plans, the parents diligently overseeing a new era of education for their children, and—most of all—the kids adapting to an at-home school experience.

Create an account and get learning now!

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