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Outbox Systems rebrands as Simplus to better reflect our core mission: to streamline and simplify business workflows

Apr 29, 2015 | Uncategorized

We transform complex business requirements into simple SaaS solutions.

We help companies simplify and streamline global enterprise work management processes. That’s why, effective today, we’re launching the next chapter in our rapid evolution with a full corporate rebranding and name change that better reflects our mission.

Our new name, Simplus, will allow us to outwardly project a motto that our expert business consultants live by everyday: “Less complexity, more productivity.”


“The essence of what we do is to make business processes less complex and less complicated by integrating leading cloud-based solutions into enterprise work management,” said Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood. “We’ve built our reputation as cloud experts who move data seamlessly between our clients’ existing enterprise systems, freeing our clients to be able to focus on what they do best: growing their businesses.”


Simplus provides world-class data synchronization services on a proprietary platform using the most client-focused technology in the marketplace. Since our founding just over a year ago, we have transformed enterprise work management processes for hundreds of clients, including name brands like Nike, Toms, Merck, Vistaprint, Intel, and IPG.


“We’re a global provider of cloud-based business solutions, and we needed a name and identity that could take us to the next level,” said John Lawton, Simplus’s Chief Technology Officer. “The name ‘Simplus’ reflects a melding of two words: We ‘simplify’ enterprise work management processes for our clients, and we ‘plus’ the productivity of the organization.” The name reflects its two core competencies: data integration made simple, plus cloud consulting services to help clients maximize the benefits of the software.”


As more and more companies turn to cloud-based solutions to optimize their enterprise work management processes, we’ve positioned ourselves as an industry leader offering clients end-to-end, custom-tailored solutions.


We begin with a complete review and assessment of our client’s business environment, then work closely with our client to seamlessly sync data and work systems and to provide ongoing consulting and support.


“Our rebranding is really a celebration of the unprecedented success we’ve enjoyed over the past year and a half, and it’s all thanks to our clients, partners and investors who have allowed us to demonstrate the transformative impact we could have on cloud-based services,” said Isaac Westwood, Simplus President.

Please explore our new website,, to learn more about our cloud products and services we provide to our clients every day.


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