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Nice thinking, Einstein!

Feb 7, 2018 | Admin, Data Integration, Implementation Services, Latest News

Back in the day, I would have been troubled by the patronizing reference to my lack of organizational skills and mental prowess. It’s true that in the past my goals weren’t always attainable, my focus was sometimes off-balance, and at times my efforts were misdirected. The result was often low morale, lost opportunities, and cases of fidget spinners left over from a poorly attended work fair booth. (Nice thinking, Einstein!) But, then again, welcome to the world of sales.  

myeinstein2In an industry that once relied on intuition and hope to ignite a broader customer base, new technology and a better understanding of algorithms make the task of initiating meaningful leads and attracting loyal customers rather provocative. This new frontier in SaaS is all about artificial intelligence technology, and its potential is changing the way companies do business.

Introducing myEinstein, the newest contribution to AI technology developed by Salesforce. “With myEinstein, AI can surface the most information to the top so that salespeople can know what to do next,” says Shubha Nabar, director of data science at Salesforce. “This means the salespeople can focus on what they do best, which is connecting with the customer and not spend valuable time entering data.”

Here are four of the many ways myEinstein will start up exciting, impactful, and wildly successful sales campaigns and customer connections for your business.


1. Predictive recommendations

MyEinstein integrates with the Salesforce fields, so users can customize pages to better fit their needs. There is no coding required. Instead, pages are set up using a declarative, point-and-click tool. Once in place, users can define the prediction, identify the field to build the model on, and select which data to use. Customer leads are cataloged by a scoring system. The attrition score based on these signals can then be directly embedded into the Salesforce customer account page and create a task, automatically alerting reps to high-risk customers so they can deliver personalized, one-on-one interactions to reduce attrition risk.

Here’s an example of Simplus in action with predictive recommendations: When SilencerCo approached Simplus for a consultation, they were using a combination of manual systems to track contacts, activities, and other data. As a result, customer and sales leads data weren’t being shared between marketing groups.  With no clear communication between departments, efforts to deliver exemplary customer service was shot.

SilencerCo wanted to identify top customers based on Registrations and Shopify purchases and implement a point system, but they had no way to determine the tiers for the reward program. They wanted to be able to incentivize and reward their loyal customers with special discounts on merchandise and invitations to private events.

Simplus developed a Reward Point custom object within Salesforce that awarded points to a customer based on Registrations and Shopify Opportunities. And since email and phone have been integrated with Salesforce, the Support team doesn’t have to spend time creating cases manually and are easily able to track the resolution in a single location.


2. Einstein Bots

At Simplus, we pride ourselves on providing the best product and service paired with a caring human touch that our customers appreciate. That personalized service makes a huge impact, and it’s what sets us apart from other CRM consultants.

myeinstein1That’s the concept behind Einstein Bots. As employees, we can’t be everywhere at any given moment, but myEinstein can. This field responds to customer inquiries, resolves the more common customer service issues (like order tracking, resetting a forgotten password, or initiating a product return), and quickly forwards unique requests to a customer service agent.


3. Einstein language for intent

Instead of relying solely on instinct, myEinstein can track and classify the intent of customer inquiries. Then this information can systematically route leads, adjust service needs, and personalize marketing campaigns.

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4. Einstein language for sentiment

This piece puts the heart in your customer service by enabling developers to catalog the tone of texts as negative, positive, or neutral. By gauging this data, a business can provide an instant response when needed while collecting important data that measures the customer’s attitude. Now, a company has access to instant feedback to help evaluate product and customer service processes.

While the concept of myEinstein may be brilliant, it doesn’t take a genius to utilize the program. “With myEinstein, the employees who are actually managing and driving business processes have the power to build and customize AI apps to fit their specific needs, paving the way for everyone to be smarter and more productive,” says John Ball, SVP of Product and GM, Einstein.


I still believe distributing Magic 8 Balls where every answer says “Signs point to yes” in response to whether a potential customer should use the company’s services is a cool marketing angle. I think Magic 8 Balls would be great at a convention. But, I could be wrong. The beauty is, I don’t have to take the risk of anticipating the unknown. Instead, I can place my trust in myEinstein to track data, formulate predictions, and offer recommendations for me. Nice thinking, Einstein!

For more information on what myEinstein can do for your marketing and sales efforts, watch this free video and learn more about AI technology. And if you believe all signs point to yes on the benefits for your company, call us! We can help. We are Simplus, where success is simplified.


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