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4 MuleSoft tools for solving integration problems

Oct 7, 2021 | Admin, Data Integration, Latest News

At Dreamforce 2021, a number of Simplus partners took to the stage to share their unique product offerings and innovative outlook for the future of Salesforce and digital transformation. Data integration partner and leader, MuleSoft, gave a primetime presentation entitled Integrate Everything, Automate Anything with MuleSoft

With IT teams being asked to work on 50% more projects than last year (a year when they were already clearly overworked), and with the average customer interaction touching at least 39 systems behind the scenes, it’s clear that backend data management is no small task and it’s only getting larger as our workplaces become more digital. But MuleSoft is the go-to source for resilient, secure, governed, and reusable API management to integrate your systems and clean up data throughout your organization. We’d like to share the highlights from this session as a starting point for companies looking for anything and everything that could help streamline the workload on the backend. 


Composer for Salesforce

The first tool highlighted by MuleSoft starts with the basics: MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce. With Composer, companies can integrate their apps with data instantaneously and compose a 360-degree view of their customer even faster than with Salesforce alone. The clicks-not-code composability of Composer from MuleSoft makes seamless automation possible for any approved user, and you can build automated processes to boost productivity for every department’s needs. 


Robotic Process Automation

The next layer on top of Composer is currently in active development at MuleSoft but is expected to be available mid-2022: Robotic Process Automation. Using the bots in RPA from MuleSoft, users can make repetitive tasks effortless with just one recording. As the bot records a process, it instantly captures customer data from docs, images, and more, to repeat the task over and over. This can be done autonomously to take action in both modern and legacy systems. With RPA, MuleSoft users can now share and reuse even more automations. 


Slack Connector

The final small but mighty key that makes MuleSoft’s integration prowess unstoppable is the MuleSoft Slack Connector. Users can take immediate action in any system right from the Slack conversation where a decision was made. With just a few keystrokes and never having to leave Slack, users can take advantage of the Slack-first automation to walk the talk and turn decisions into actions within seconds.


API Management on the Anypoint Platform

The underlying tool that makes all of this possible in MuleSoft is the Anypoint Platform for API Management. APIs are the fuel your IT team uses to empower any and all Salesforce orgs to integrate and automate without any code. To package these diverse systems into automated capabilities and create less dependency on IT, it’s pertinent your organization resues APIs to compose better, faster processes and experiences for users. 

MuleSoft shared a customer example of the work they’ve done with AT&T to make APIs available across the whole organization so users can deploy anywhere they need to, reducing overall admin tasks on the backend and creating more customer-focused experiences on the front-end. The Anypoint Platform makes APIs more discoverable, easy to design and build, and seamlessly deployable with a flexible UI that operates in any environment. 

MuleSoft also took the time to announce the latest industry accelerators it will be releasing for FINS, an update for SAP, and an update for healthcare. These accelerators add to an already streamlined, efficient API management platform to deliver industry-specific needs and help integrations and automations deploy up to three times faster than without. To learn more about MuleSoft and how integration management can transform your own Salesforce instance, reach out to our data experts at Simplus for a consultation.




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