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A beginner’s guide to Manufacturing Cloud: 6 things to know

Jan 11, 2022 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

In manufacturing today it’s more critical than ever for tech decision-makers to leverage the best tools available for staying modern, distinct, and competitive in an ever-changing industry. An overwhelming majority of manufacturers, 88 percent, say they still need to adopt new tools for better forecasting, and that same majority also say increasing their process efficiency is a top priority moving forward. Manufacturing Cloud, an industry-specific platform offered by Salesforce, is tailored precisely to meet these concerns and priorities for manufacturers. 

If you’re new to or just getting started with all that Manufacturing Cloud has to offer, this is exactly where you need to begin. We’ll review the six key features included with Manufacturing Cloud and take a look at how they can revolutionize your operations for a modern era of industrial selling: 


Forecasting features

First and foremost is a top-of-mind need for manufacturers in any sub-vertical: forecasting. Manufacturing Cloud proudly boasts account-based forecasting capabilities built with a holistic view of predicted volumes, demand, net new opportunities, long-term projects, agreements, etc. This intelligent forecasting allows your sales team to capture predicted revenue across new and run-rate business lines, collaborate with other departments to develop a single source of truth, and reduce the time demand on operations teams to predict supply and production. 


Sales agreements

Another trademark feature of Manufacturing Cloud is sales agreements. This empowers manufacturers to consolidate terms included in their sales agreements (such as prices, durations, quantities) and align them with real back-office capabilities. This powerful feature allows sales and service teams to connect with customers and develop stronger relationships, especially in the new frontier of service-based and recurring revenue streams. You can unify your run-rate business, measure key agreement metrics, and convert opportunities faster by managing the agreement lifecycle more closely and with more reliable data in sync at every step of the way.



Salesforce is well-known for bringing real-time, dynamic analytics to the forefront for organizations across all industries. Manufacturing is no exception. Analytical projections and predictive insights are second-nature to Manufacturing Cloud, powered by Salesforce Einstein and Tableau. You can monitor content, partner channels, and messaging that is delivering the best pipeline, embed critical project health information for accurate customer relationship analysis, and understand product performance with actual revenue and unit quantity numbers at the ready. And you can always edit and customize your analytics depending on whatever objectives, products, or services are most pressing at the time. 


Manufacturing data model

Next, in conjunction with MuleSoft’s state-of-the-art API integration framework, Manufacturing Cloud comes complete with a manufacturing data model. This means it is prebuilt with your industry needs in mind, from objects and fields commonly needed to manufacturing processes and frameworks available for use from the very start. This makes adoption easier as users can trust the platform is already set up for them as soon as it launches. 


Process automation

Another stellar example of how Manufacturing Cloud is built with industry needs in mind is its process automation. Users can take advantage of manufacturing-specific journeys and automations to streamline day-to-day operations common to the production line or factory floor. Operations teams can trust they’re working off the most accurate demand forecasts and produce and procure necessary components to fulfill orders as the process automation seamlessly integrates with the aforementioned MuleSoft and analytics reporting. 


Rebate management

Finally, one of the crowning features of manufacturing Cloud is its impressive rebate management options. Channel partner relationships can be grown at exceptional rates with more dynamic incentives, loyalty programs, and effortless collaboration portals to work with every supplier, dealer, and distributor in your network. What once was an unwieldy process—managing every single client’s particular rebate history manually—has now been streamlined to yield even greater results with less work. You can learn more about this particular feature in our latest ebook, Streamlining Revenue Operations for Manufacturers.


Interested in a deeper understanding of what Manufacturing Cloud can make possible for your organization specifically? We have industry-specific experts at the ready to meet and discuss with you. Reach out today.




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