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3 fast tips to use Manufacturing Cloud better for customer service

Manufacturing was one of the hardest-hit industries thanks to the pandemic, and the climb back has been an arduous one. Between countless supply chain disruptions and the remote work takeover, existing problems like manufacturing’s labor shortage and its slow-to-change culture seemed to be exacerbated. However, there have also been many opportunities to transform and innovate how profits are earned in the industry. Customer service, most notably, has become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, 77 percent of customer service agents claim the past two years have made their roles more strategic than before. 

Manufacturers can realize the new era of customer service and its potential to drive business forward as well as any other industry. With the help of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud as your CRM hub, empowering your reps to deliver more value to partners and customers is a breeze. Here are three ways it’s done: 


Put information right in front of your customer reps

One of the most potent and foundational elements of Manufacturing Cloud is data empowerment. Manufacturing Cloud prepares sales and lead details in a dynamic, digestible, and collaborative way. A customer service rep can access the same information updated by an account owner earlier that day, so the most up-to-date information is always used, making the customer experience more seamless. This includes account and contact management, opportunity management, task management, activity feed, lead management, customizable reports/dashboards, and more. Connectivity between departments like this is crucial to making your customer service department a strategic, profit-driving line of business with the capability to cross-sell and upsell appropriately. 


Develop new service-based revenue streams

With its functional intersection of sales, loyalty, analytics, and service, Manufacturing Cloud is the perfect platform to get service-based revenue streams up and running. You can dig into data generated by your call center or field service agents, identify the most common requests or queries, and pivot those into new lines of business with a complete pricing model you build out according to your wishes. Connected service and customer experiences drive loyalty and recurring business, and those long-term customers will be expecting you to continue delivering new service offerings to keep them coming back. 


Use forecasting to reduce field service costs

Finally, you can use Manufacturing Cloud’s robust account-based forecasting functionality to reduce field service spending. The forecasting in Manufacturing Cloud includes a custom algorithm and audit trail for collaborative predictions and real-time insights. You can also take advantage of custom opportunity fields and the mobile app to refine your forecast any time anywhere. This means you’ll empower your team with more forward-thinking insights, so your field reps can not only respond to urgent requests but also take care of planned upgrades or maintenance checks on the spot—one trip—instead of having to send them out twice. 


Manufacturers are diversifying their lines of business and incorporating more unique ways to drive value with their customers—you can’t afford to skip out on advances in customer service in the manufacturing space. Connect with our team today to start discussing innovative solutions for your organization’s customer service processes. 



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