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4 ways manufacturers can deliver a better customer experience

May 18, 2021 | Admin, Latest News, Manufacturing

It’s no secret that the pandemic has disrupted life around the world and across all sectors of business. For manufacturing, nearly 80 percent of executives surveyed by the National Association of Manufacturing said they anticipated a long-term financial impact, as well as 53 percent anticipating operational changes and 35 percent facing supply chain disruptions. 

The impact on manufacturing—whether that be global supply chains or production facility staffing—is staggering. It’s led many manufacturing executives to reconsider their strategy or to find a new operational approach that will increase business resiliency. Manufacturers are looking for both a solution for the problems of right now and a means to futureproof for later on. The core need behind it all? Customer-centricity.

Manufacturers can take this time of great change to pivot towards customer-centricity. Let’s cover four crucial ways manufacturers are already using Salesforce automation to deliver a better customer experience and adapt their organizational approach toward greater attention to the customer. Because if the current public health crisis is a wake-up call to adapt, then these best practices are the first place to start for manufacturers:


1. Establish customer excellence

Sales, pricing, marketing. All three play a key role in the customer’s journey with you. Refining the customer touchpoints in each department of your manufacturing organization and aligning teams around that customer focus is a great first step to attaining customer-centricity. 

Salesforce’s Customer 360 technology allows manufacturers to connect all their data across those vital touchpoints, ensuring each department is working off the most updated information for every customer interaction. Learn more about how the Salesforce Data Manager connects apps across one platform so all processes have a 360-degree vision.


2. Leverage digital operations

If your operations weren’t already, you’re probably learning how now: going online. Front and back offices can find greater unity and efficiency to drive the customer experience by leveraging a completely digital solution.

Field Service is the go-to Salesforce app for manufacturers with extensive field rep/technician services. Manufacturing organizations can decrease costs and provide…



Want to keep reading? Download the complete ebook today—Getting to Great: How Manufacturers are Pivoting to Deliver the “Amazon” Experience.


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