Make your sales processes sparkle with Sales Cloud

Running a commercial cleaning business is a dirty job. But AMC Commercial Cleaning has been succeeding at it for 27 years. When it came time to dust off and update work processes that welcomed business growth, Simplus helped them make a clean start. 


One challenge AMC faced was finding a system that better tracked sales reps and accounts. With each sales rep using their own system to maintain their customers, it’s hard to ensure each customer is getting the best service possible. By consolidating data into one easily accessible system that tracks and monitors different tasks and transactions, the sales team can better measure their progress toward business growth and provide consistent, white-glove service. 


By implementing Sales Cloud Lightning solutions, AMC created a standardized sales process that better tracked sales reps, provided easy-to-find insights, and made their customer management systems sparkle. Best of all, Simplus also provides managed services for maintenance and offers ongoing improvements to AMC’s Salesforce instance for when those little messes arise. 


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